Jennifer Thomas, a vivid writer, has begun to build a platform to connect with others facing the uncharted waters of plan B.

After struggling for  3 years and through 2 pregnancies with undiagnosed postpartum, her battle with anxiety and depression only intensified in the aftermath of having to pick up the pieces of a broken life (becoming a single mom of 4 girls ages 1-5) when her marriage fell apart.  Jenn has a deep compassion for people grieving, people dealing with what they hadn’t planned for, people who are trying to figure out what to do when plan A falls apart.

This blog is a platform for heartfelt, vulnerable and inspiring scribblings from someone who is figuring out as she goes and knows she is not the only one on a journey like this.  Her hope is by sharing her struggles, others will find strength to fight the good fight when throwing in the towel seems like the more reasonable option.

Talented in the art of persuasion with a flair for copy writing and background in sales and marketing, Jenn makes a living as a fundraiser and event planner.  One day she’ll turn the world upside down, today she settles for getting dinner made.

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