The Chaos

How can life be wildly loud and lonely, at the same time?

How can there be so much movement, but no action?

How can one be lost, but surrounded by people?

How do you survive the chaos, when it fells like it is eating you alive?

… I do not have the answers. I just have the observations.

Seasons like this remind me of a ride at the fair. The type of ride that spins you around and upside down, at the same time. The type of ride that looks so fun, until you are stuck on it – waiting for it to be over. Barely even enduring it; just doing what you can to not loose your lunch. There is so much overstimulation of the senses. It is NOT my favorite.

I know that there is a God who sees. I have faith that plan B has a redemptive ending. I choose to hold on one more day, waiting with my eyes shut tight for His tangible hand to be extended in grace.

I choose the chaos… this is my life.



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