The Rescue

You know the part in the story of Snow White, where the witch tricks Snow White into eating a poisoned apple and she falls into a spell only to be broken by True Love’s kiss or some nonsense? I think I ate that bad apple somewhere along the way.  I think some version of me waits to be rescued by some mystical prince.

But, something in me is waking up.  I don’t have to be bound to those who meant evil for me.

And, I don’t have to wait for someone else to rescue me.

I am going to make a decision.  One that affects me.  One that affects the little dwarfs I live among. One that determines my own destiny. One that writes my own “happily ever after.” I can get up off the platform laid for me and rewrite the end to this story.

What does that look like?  Beats the heck out of me.

As I lay in an almost-awake state, I’m deciding what it’s going to look like.  I’m figuring out what I want and who will get to share it with me.  But I know this for sure, I don’t have to be bound to a nonsense story. I get to rescue myself.

The best part of this story – there might still be a prince, but my future doesn’t have to revolve around him.  There will still be those that conspire evil, but I don’t have to give credence to it.  I get to show up powerfully.  And I get to walk away from the cabin in the woods.

I get to walk away!

So, that is exactly what I am going to do.  I’m going to open my eyes, stand up tall and walk away from that which meant to destroy me.

in the quiet

in the quiet, i am scared.

in the quiet, i don’t what i’m doing or which way to go.

in the quiet, I want to retreat.  i want to give up and go home.  i want to throw in the towel  – and walk away.

in the quiet, i don’t want to be fettered to something bigger than me.

it is lonely and cold on the outside of a plan.  when life chews me up and spits me out, it is incredibly uncomfortable.  God, what will you ever do with my broken heart and shattered dreams?

God, be with me.