(For Griffin and Carol)

Today is a year since a sweet baby Griffin toke his first breath and then moments later, his last breath.  The grief of surviving the monumental loss is something I can simply not imagine.  From a distance, I have watched my dear friend walk through  heartache with such grace.   Little by little, Carol’s smile returned.  Not the smile you wear so that everyone around you feels okay.  Not the smile you force as people tell you everything happens for a reason.  The smile that radiates from her soul that says, “death didn’t win.”  Carol has bloomed.  Life will never be the same.  Some days will still be unbearable.  But she let life win! (And it was a choice.)


Teeming with possibilities.  Ever new.  Hearts unveiled.  Moments immortalized.  Breath unto breath, can we ever know what waits for us.

Dark nights.  Long storms.  Thunder rolls.  Fears embodied.  How do you survive what was not scripted.

Triumph chosen.  Jesus found.  Carried through sorrow.  New season unfolds.

With every breath, in every heartfelt day, death cannot conquer what is sown in love.